sylviasatterthwaites asked:

is this "P.S I do not blur the names of racists" directed to me because I don't think you should direct your fuck load of followers onto a racist pensioner? who didn't post that shit publicly? my nana's father came from Gayle. he lived through England at it's worst time and he always taught us to be forgiving. if you've never been taught that, then more fool you.

ratchetmessreturns answered:

Nope I really have no sympathy for racism, regardless of generation. When these people were inflicting all kinds of fear, violence and torment on my ancestors it may have been common for that day and age but it does not make it right. Also when these old racists continue to spew their venomous racist poison for the younger generation to hear all it does is indoctrinate another generation in stupidity and intolerance. 


Anonymous asked:

There aint no chillin when it comes to a man KNOCKING A WOMAN UNCONSCIOUS. Had he bitch slapped her, MAYBE just MAYBE it would have not been such a big deal. But for any man to state it's okay, or they "shouldn't provoke" men into BEATING a woman, then pulling her out of the elevator STILL UNCONSCIOUS. He shouldn't be fired, but I'm glad he was suspended. Any person should have been if you supporting a violent BOY not a man BOY. Men don't hit women, even if "provoked"

cosbyykidd answered:

*sigh* I really hate going back and forth over the internet but here we go….

Stephen never gave an “okay” for him beating on girlfriend. He said Ray Rice was dead wrong and deserved to more than a 2 game suspension. Which we all know. He also went on to say no man should ever hit a woman. Which we all know. 

Did he say his girlfriend provoked him? No.

What he was talking about is women that bait men into hitting them. Listen to me carefully. He was talking about is women that bait men into hitting them. He did not say that all battered women were beaten because of something they did, he is talking about women who think they can belittle and hit a man, and expect there to be no repercussions. I mean come on, let’s not sit here and act like some women do not provoke men. (Exhibit A)

In my personal life I’ve seen women taunt men calling them “bitches” “bitch ass niggas” “fuck boys” etc…  along with getting in their face and getting physical. My aunt even hit my uncle in the head with a stainless steel skillet. I mean look at Solange and Jay-Z. Why do some women do this? Because they know by society’s standards and our own morals that men are not supposed to hit women. Some men do.

In my opinion should Stephen have been suspended? No. Perhaps he didn’t articulate it in the best way but if people spent more time thinking instead of going from 0 - 100 they would have understood.

But like I said that’s my opinion. If you don’t like it unfollow me.